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How I Co-Produced My Play Successfully & Survived; The Funeral Food Edition

Megan Bandelt, the playwright of Funeral Food, A Staged Reading, talks about her experience in overcoming fear and producing with director Nj Agwuna and Frigid New York.

There have some been some serious changes to my life since September, and all of them are pretty groovy.

First and foremost, I am no longer serving refills of Diet Coke with lemon.

Awww, yeah, moving on up! Awww, yeah, moving on up!

Management changed, along with the demeanor of the establishment, and I threw in my apron. However, I have about 8 checkbooks stuffed away in my drawer (no money in them, sadly), and I’m not sure what to do with them. Sell them?

Anyone want them? They are precious and considered to be as worthy as gold during some shifts…

Aside from that, I am currently now working the very place I had my first NYC literary internship, Frigid New York at Horse Trade! We were known as Horse Trade Theater Group before, but we’re slowly shifting over to Frigid New York. I deal with the social media, the literary things and running…

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