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What is exHOTic other?

Una Aya Osato is exHOTic other. One of my favorite burlesque performers with such an awesome name. Coincidentally it’s also the name of her new solo show that I’m directing, exHOTic other.  There are many reasons why I love this performer and really if you break it down they are the same reasons folks should come see the show.

exHOTic other photo 3 by Christache christachearts.com

Una/exHOTic other has this incredible life force about her. Being in her presence makes you happier than you were before. She loves what she’s doing, is absolutely fearless onstage and makes you think about deep and complex issues while taking off her clothes! This show is all of that and more. Una/exHOTic combines five of her favorite burlesque pieces with autobiographical stories that give them context. Una/exHOTic other does not do the bland cookie cutter girlie girl burlesque, her brand of burlesque is holistic and fabulous and it’s such a treat to get get a glimpse into her world and where these pieces came from. Initially she asked me to be the burlesque adviser and I was so into the concept that I offered to direct it as well. Una/exHOTic creates burlesque that stretches your mind, empowers your soul and often tickles your funny.

The process so far. Una/exHOTic has a lot to communicate with the world, which is great, so much in fact that we spent the first week cutting lines and sometimes whole sections from the script. It was an intense moment while we were in it, it felt like we’d never get through it, but I knew from experience we would. Just a few months ago I was the writer/performer of a solo show and my director was cutting things left and right. This is an excerpt from my blog during my rehearsals but Una could have written it herself:

There is this certain dance that goes on when the director is working with the performer who is also the writer, because the moment the possibility of cutting even a line or a whole section is brought up, the writer inside the performer starts kicking off. “My words are brilliant and precious and perfect!” And if I had let my writer self take charge today I would have ultimately done my show a huge disservice because here’s the thing. My director has a vested interest in this show and she wants to present the most amazing piece of art possible and I trust her. That is crucial, there has to be trust; so when she suggests cutting a paragraph unless I can sell her on why the lines should stay by making a really strong case that I totally believe in, then they are out of there. And sometimes I can see that right away, sometimes I’m in the middle of trying to convince her to keep a section when I just suddenly let go cause I realized by pleading my case that I wasn’t fully committed…

Being on the other side is a trip and I hope Una/exHOTic trusts me as much as I trusted my director because I think she’s brilliant and I really want her to shine. I said in rehearsal the other day that I wanted the audience (specifically the ones who don’t already know her) to leave feeling the way that all of her friends feel about her. She is one of my favorite people ever and I know tons of her peeps feel exactly the same way. We are hoping you will too. Come out and check the show!

peace and movement,

DawN Crandell a.k.a. Miss AuroraBoobRealis

P.S. One name just isn’t enough for either of us!

Buy tickets to exHOTic other HERE

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