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My Pussy’s Purrin’ Again

by D’yan Forest

My Pussy WEB

Hi Everybody!

I’m very excited about my new solo show, My Pussy Is Purrin’ Again, which will be premiering at the 2013 Frigid Festival. Last year my solo show, I Married A Nun, had a great run at The Frigid and received amazing reviews! I then went on to perform it at The Phoenix, Orlando and New York Fringe Festivals. My first solo show told the story of my 25 year relationship with my partner who was an ex-nun, our great times together, our travels and adventures. After 25 years, the divorce — I went to Paris and had my own adventures in the seamy underground life of the Parisian Clubs. Much of the show was tragedy mixed with comedy.

This year, I am happily doing another solo show at The Frigid called, My Pussy Is Purrin’ Again. This show is completely different, mostly comedy, with only a little bit about the Nun. In my new show which the subtitle is “Liar, Liar My Skirts On Fire,” I sing songs and parodies with 4 ukuleles (not all at the same time) and also play the trumpet, the glockenspiel, the piano, the tambourine and the kabasa! 15 songs are included!

The show is my tale of sweet confusion of sexuality that I have had since I was 12 years old starting at Camp Takawalananakiki. It tells about my adventures with girls, boys, men and women until my present age — 78 years young. “I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I’m bisexual.” Included is my disastrous marriage in Boston, my adventures in the demimonde of Paris 50 years ago, and the continual search to find the truth about my sexuality.

I lived my life like my hair was on fire, searching — searching for true love, which I found in Paris but — was forced by parents to return home to Boston, but finally found love again with the ex-nun. However, since nothing lasts forever the search started again a few years ago. When you’re in your 70’s though, it’s a hell of a lot harder. This show came about because, finally, after 5 years of abstinence, My Pussy In Now Purrin’ Again. There’s life in this old girl yet!

Well, that’s sort of the story of the show, but it’s a lot more exciting watching me on stage! You just have to hear me play reveille on the trumpet.

It’s so wonderful that The Horse Trade Theatre Group is producing The Frigid Festival. It gives artists like me a chance to try out new material and exercise our pipes and imagination! UNDER St. Marks Theatre is a great venue and just the right size for my premiere. Everyone connected with Frigid and Horse Trade are very congenial and supportive.

D’yan’s Show…My Pussy Is Purrin’ Again, is Playing at UNDER St. Marks Theatre during the FRIGID Festival February 20 – March 3. We hope to see you there!

For more from D’yan, check out her nytheatre.com preview

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